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Webinar - Zero Trust : End to end encryption for security and privacy guarantees

Cloud computing emerged as a great asset for the whole software industry. Yet, the risks that come alongside need to be addressed.

The last decade has seen Cloud Computing changing the IT world, thanks to its ability to provide scalable and cost-efficient IT infrastructure for businesses of all sizes. However, this came at the cost of reduced privacy: not only are users’ data exposed to their service provider, but also to their Cloud provider.

This is why the concept of Zero Trust was formed. The idea is simple, trust no-one, or more realistically, trust each user as little as possible. Different mechanisms can help implement this concept: from limited access rights for each user, to deploying end-to-end encryption. We will focus on the latter, as it provides a high level of security, and can protect the privacy of users’ data.

For this webinar, we will start with an overview of Zero Trust, then each speaker will present how they implement end-to-end protection of data within their respective solution, before finishing with Q&A.

An in-person cocktail will be held afterwards.


– Introduction of Zero-trust approach and its benefits

Presentation from each company

Mithril Security: How can we use secure enclaves to train and deploy AI in a zero-trust manner?

Doctolib: Why end-to-end encryption is expected for cloud based health solutions

Parsec: Zero-trust applied to cloud storage, file synchronization, and sensitive data security.

– Q&A

This webinar was held at HEC Records in Paris on June 16th 6:30PM

Organized by Daniel HUYNH, CEO of Mithril Security

Hosted by HEC Records