Deploy SaaS to security-demanding organizations

Mithril Security helps software vendors sell SaaS to enterprises, thanks to our secure enclave deployment tooling, which provides SaaS on-prem levels of security and control for customers.

Unlock enterprise sales while deploying on SaaS
Close customers faster
Reduce operational costs with multitenancy

Use cases

Deploy confidential AI & LLMs with privacy guarantees

What our clients say

"Mithril Security appears to offer a solution to the privacy issues that come with creating AI-assisted tools for clinicians in areas such as the NHS."

- CEO of Stealth healthcare AI startup

What our clients say

"Mithril Security confidential Al seemed one obvious choice to develop our Zero Trust search solution"

- Thierry Leblond, CEO of Scille, editor of PARSEC.
A zero trust & zero knowledge solution for sharing sensitive data on the Cloud

What our clients say

"Mithril Security provided a way to deploy our model on-premise while ensuring our IP was protected thanks to their secure enclaves"

- Louis Combaldieu, CTO of Auxlia, editor of an AI to detect dangerous objects at airports

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What our clients say

"By using BlindBox, we can now leverage LLMs to help investigators and reviewers analyze documents and speed up investigations."

- CEO of Avian Digital forensics

How data is secured

We secure data by using secure enclaves, which are hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments. By analyzing data inside those isolated environments, data remains protected end-to-end, even when manipulated by untrusted third parties. 

You can find more about Confidential Computing below:

For beginners
in Confidential Computing

Get started with Confidential Computing
by coding your KMS

For experts
in Confidential Computing

Discover how we implement Confidential Computing

Independent security audit

Easily deploy apps with Confidential Computing

Mithril Security has developed BlindBox, an open-source
CLI tooling to make your apps compatible with secure enclaves, and deploy them easily.
Take application image
Wrap it in a confidential VM
Deploy it on public cloud
Query its securely

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