Converse with AI privately

Open-source and privacy-by-design alternative to ChatGPT. Leverage the power of Conversational AI without fearing your data could be accessed or used for training.

We cannot see your data.

Confidential AI Assistant
Confidential AI Assistant
Code understanding
Medical notes structuration
Assisted patent writing
Privacy-first AI

Mithril Security designs products to provide AI services while ensuring users' data remains private and is neither collected nor collectible by our organization.

We employ state-of-the-art security to guarantee prompts sent to our Conversational AI remain private. At no time do we store prompts sent to the Conversational AI, nor do we see them, or train AI models on them.

Private conversations
Conversations are stored locally in the browser’s cache.
AI Hallucination Dectection
Identify inconsistencies in AI-generated responses [Coming soon - Register here].
Private document search
Upload and query documents with RAG [Coming soon - Register here].
We say what we do
We are committed to :
-  Never use your data for training purposes

-  Keeping your data private and not sharing it with anyone else

-  Implementing state-of-the-art security measures 
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We do what we say
Our project is open-source and publicly auditable. Our Confidential AI solution has been successfully audited by independent experts.

We provide  cryptographic proof that our services are built in a way where we cannot see or train models on users' data.
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Embrace AI without privacy concern
BlindChat is an open-source project that aims to democratize privacy-first Conversational AI.

We architect our solution to be privacy-by-design. By leveraging privacy-enhancing technologies such as remote enclaves, we provide powerful, easy-to-use private AI services.

Lightweight Experience

Eliminate bandwidth and computing issues with our fully managed model.

Optimal Performance

BlindChat provides GPT3.5-level AI, like Llama 2 70B, with guaranteed privacy

High Privacy

Remote enclaves in BlindChat keep your data completely private, unseen by even our admins

They trust us

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