Bringing Transparency and Privacy in AI

Mithril Security helps AI providers build models which users can trust with a secure supply chain offering provenance traceability, model protection and data confidentiality.

We are supported by OpenAI Cybersecurity Grant Program to build Confidential AI Tooling.

We cannot see your data.

Privacy-first AI

AICert for verifiablbe training of ai models

AICert is the first AI provenance solution to provide cryptographic proof that a model is the result of the application of a specific algorithm on a specific training set.

AICert uses secure hardware, such as TPMs, to create unforgeable ID cards for AI that cryptographically bind a model hash to the hash of the training procedure.

This ID card serves as irrefutable proof to trace the provenance of a model to ensure it comes from a trustworthy and unbiased training procedure.

What our clients say

"Sometimes cryptographic techniques allow us to have our cake and eat it too. With hardware-backed compute governance we can hope to protect the privacy of AI users, the intellectual property of AI developers, and the public interest by preventing misuse — all at the same time. We are very excited to be working with the experts at Mithril to try to make this happen."

- Anthony Aguirre, Executive Director of Future of Life Institute

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What our clients say

"Mithril Security appears to offer a solution to the privacy issues that come with creating AI-assisted tools for clinicians in areas such as the NHS."

- CEO of Stealth healthcare AI startup

What our clients say

"By using BlindBox, we can now leverage LLMs to help investigators and reviewers analyze documents and speed up investigations."

- CEO of Avian Digital forensics

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What our clients say

"Mithril Security provided a way to deploy our model on-premise while ensuring our IP was protected thanks to their secure enclaves"

- Louis Combaldieu, CTO of Auxlia, editor of an AI to detect dangerous objects at airports

What our clients say

"Mithril Security confidential Al seemed one obvious choice to develop our Zero Trust search solution"

- Thierry Leblond, CEO of Scille, editor of PARSEC.
A zero trust & zero knowledge solution for sharing sensitive data on the Cloud

BlindLlama to deploy large language model

Effortless Open-Source LLM Integration with Secure, Transparent APIs and End-to-End Data Protection


We serve AI models in a hardened environment that ensures data is never exposed as all external access are removed


We use secure hardware to provide cryptographic proof so that you can have irrefutable proof your data will remain confidential

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