Introduction to
Confidential Computing

A hands-on guide for beginners.

Welcome to our series of tutorials on Confidential Computing!

Our goal is to give developpers a better understanding of this amazing security technology. By the end of all the tutorials, you'll know how to securely run an enclave, attest it, communicate with it and store it.

We will go start by explaining the current security challenges it can solve in the introduction. Then we'll move on to practice because we believe in learning by coding!

Follow the manual

All the tutorials will be oriented toward implementing an application with Confidential Computing. We'll go over how to build it, show how it works and highlight the strengths and constraints.

🚧 The course is still in construction 🚧

  • We recommend you do the tutorials in order - the whole structure has been thought like chapters in a book.
  • Experience in C/C++ and Linux is required to fully follow this series.
  • Some parts will require specific machines to be run, because Confidential Computing is a hardware-based solution. We’ll explain which ones and how to set them up at the beginning of the tutorials.

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