Transform Your Speech-to-Text Offering with Confidential Computing

Secure your Speech-to-text LLM SaaS offering with end-to-end protection to guarantee data privacy to users.

Accurate and Secure Speech Recognition

Pairing Transcription AI with LLMs can turn vocals, meetings, and consultations in summarized notes in seconds.

Many innovative speech-to-text applications involve sensitive data, such as medical consultations or legal meetings. Data protection measures for those scenarios are often inadequate.

Our end-to-end protected solution ensure that Saas user's data remains private at all times, even when being treated by LLMs.

With BlindBox, you can ensure the security of your speech-to-text service and provide reassurance to your customers that their data is being protected.

Leverage BERT
with best-in-class security standards

Corporate Meetings

Healthcare documentation

Government Intelligence gathering

Why BlindBox?

BlindBox helps vendors guarantee they can be trusted with their users data, by offering a secure Confidential Computing solution that protects the privacy and security of SaaS offerings.

Unlock enterprise sales
while deploying on SaaS
Faster sales closing
Reduce operational costs
with multitenancy
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