Use the Coding Assistant,
without exposing code IP

Deploy LLMs on a SaaS platform, to offer a coding tool combining advanced code refinement and the IP protection guarantees.

Secure Advanced Code Optimization

LLM-powered code assistant helps developers write code faster and with fewer errors, generate unit tests, and provides explanatory insights into your code.

However, transmitting the code to suppliers that offer such code assistants via SaaS can be unacceptable, as code is one of the most sensitive assets.

Leveraging BlindBox, we can deploy LLMs for code assistants within secure environments. This guarantees that code improved by the assistant remains confidential from the LLM provider, owing to the robust end-to-end protection.

With BlindBox, enable AI-powered code optimization while ensuring the utmost level of security and privacy for end users' source code.

Leverage Santacoder
with best-in-class security standards

Automatic Migration - Software Update

Secure AI-assisted Coding Development

Inductive Programming

Why BlindBox?

BlindBox helps vendors guarantee they can be trusted with their users data, by offering a secure Confidential Computing solution that protects the privacy and security of SaaS offerings.

Unlock enterprise sales
while deploying on SaaS
Faster sales closing
Reduce operational costs
with multitenancy
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