Search through confidential documents in seconds with GPT

Leverage cutting-edge AI to extract insights from sensitive data without compromising on privacy thanks to it beign end-to-end encrypted.

Advanced Conversational Search

LLM-powered semantic search enables teams to easily search through vast amounts of data within seconds, instead of hours.
But security risks in the current SaaS paradigm often make it difficult for companies to sell.
Integrating Confidential Computing into your search solution ensures SaaS users' data remains secure, isolated, and protected even during Cloud processing.

Deploy an Advanced Conversational Search SaaS solution with BlindBox, offering users virtual private security with on-premise-level data protection.

Leverage GPT
with best-in-class security standards

Data room for due diligence

Data room for due diligence

Legal search

Why BlindBox?

BlindBox helps vendors guarantee they can be trusted with their users data, by offering a secure Confidential Computing solution that protects the privacy and security of SaaS offerings.

Unlock enterprise sales
while deploying on SaaS
Faster sales closing
Reduce operational costs
with multitenancy
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