Delivering high-quality translation services without compromising data confidentiality

Broadening Your Translation SaaS Applications by Safeguarding Privacy through Confidential Computing

Trusted Accurate Translation

LLM-empowered translation SaaS solutions empower businesses to overcome language obstacles and connect with international audiences effectively.

The data involved in translation processes can be highly confidential, causing numerous risk-averse industries to prohibit AI tools, imposing a burden for translators. Moreover, it's difficult to eliminate human errors in such scenarios.

Integrating our solution into your LLM service offering improves the efficency  and accuracy of the translation, meeting the requirements of end-users without worrying about data leakage.

BlindBox not only provides robust data protection but also preserves the high performance of your SaaS offering. It ensures that the addition of security measures won't compromise the efficiency of your translation service.

Leverage Turing-NLG
with best-in-class security standards

Confidential Translation for Legal Documentations

Secure Translation for medical records

Trusted Translations for Business Correspondence

Why BlindBox?

BlindBox helps vendors guarantee they can be trusted with their users data, by offering a secure Confidential Computing solution that protects the privacy and security of SaaS offerings.

Unlock enterprise sales
while deploying on SaaS
Faster sales closing
Reduce operational costs
with multitenancy
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